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Leadership is a learnable skill, however learning about leadership in the technology industry is often left to chance. This often leads to frustration for both leaders and those being led.

Many technology leaders get the job by default. They are the best or most senior technologist and suddenly find themselves leading meetings, negotiating for resources, making strategic decisions, participating in hiring, and a whole range of other mission-critical activities that fall outside of the technical toolbox. The world of leading / managing talented technologists can be messy.

We have many leaders practicing different leadership / management approaches from various companies around us. We can all learn from each other by coming together and sharing our experiences.

We aim to create an open community of people managers and technology leaders to exchange regularly about managing teams, solving difficult organisational topics, discovering new ways of working with the people we are allowed to mentor and all other aspects.

Just like in the core of tech, managing people and teams is never "done" and there is always new things to learn, impulses to follow, old practices to discard or revive. This is the place to help each other and move forward, become more professional and grow for ourselves and for the people and organisations we lead.

The hypothesis being that sharing our experiences will grow us into better leaders which over the long term will make the technology industry a better place for everyone.



I've experienced accelerated growth within my career. Within 4.5 years I've grown from being a Data Scientist to being CTO. Within this short amount of time I've been through many challenges navigating the world of technical leadership which has subsequently led to a lot of personal transformation. I've learned several lessons in my journey so far which I would like to share.

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Online Webinar Event

Due to the Corona Virus we will be meeting online.

We are working along side local leaders to protect our attendees, until the lockdown here in South Africa is lifted and we know it will be safe for everyone to attend the Meetup without risk of infection we will be meeting online.